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What does it mean to rewild ourselves?

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

The word rewilding holds many meanings. First of all, it is a lifelong learning process and a way of living.

It takes time to rediscover oneself and really listen to the wisdom we have within. It requires a willingness to slow down, dive into oneself and open one's heart to all the knowledge that is already here.

“We all have the ability to be more aware and conscious human beings. The only thing it takes is dedication and a willingness to take the time to practice in our everyday actions.”

Rewilding ourselves means to dive in and rediscover the inner power of our nature. It means diving into our core, rediscovering our intuition and senses. Being in contact with our breathe, our eye visions, our bodies, and our minds. It means focusing on one thing at a time, being mindful and give our full attention to one thing at a time.

Rewilding ourselves means to re-discover our potential as human beings, our potential to be loving, caring, creative, inventive and free. Free to just be, and enjoy this very moment. Rewilding ourselves means rediscovering the ancient wisdom from nature and learning how to bring it to life again in a way that fulfils our souls and our surroundings.

Rewilding means asking ourselves what we want to matter in our lives. What is truly important to us and how can we give that our utmost attention, care, appreciation, and love. This is the journey that I am on and have been my whole life. Having the knowledge that I can truly decide how my life should be and what should be in it, is a very freeing and grounding experience. Slowing down, appreciating myself and my surroundings, acknowledging that nature holds a lot of wisdom and advocating for that, gives me meaning and passion in my life. At the same time having loving relationships is the most important ingredient in my life. Having people around me that love me and that I love is the core of having a fulfilling life.

Words by Amalie Harris Barfod, Founder of Rewild Studio

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