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Spending time outside in fresh air, having space around us to use our bodies, is so..

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

Photo: Rewild Studio

This is what you get when spending time outside in the snow and sun, red cheeks and a clear mind. Seeing and hearing birds over our heads, feeling the wind in our face, sensing the ground under our feet. Taking some deep breaths and opening our heart for taking in the magnificence of nature.

Nature provides us with everything we could ask for and it asks for nothing back, it is up to us, how we choose to use our generosity and empathy towards the natural world. After all, we humans are nature as well - we just tend to forget it.

Spending time learning and being with nature will help us build up our understanding and empathy towards it. If you want to learn more or get involved with what we are doing in Rewild Studio take a look at our website and explore more! Have a wonderful day and remember to take some deep breathes during your day and recognize that you are part of a bigger whole.

Words by Amalie Harris Barfod, Founder of Rewild Studio

Photo: Rewild Studio

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