About us

Our vision is to cultivate more compassion for the natural world so we can live more in balance with it. We contribute by connecting people to themselves, each other and the wider natural world.

We live on an amazing planet full of life and wisdom. Here life has evolved from when life began 3.8 billion years ago and has gone through many changes in ecosystems and cognitive awakening. Now we live in a time that calls for the ability to adapt, change, and be flexible in the way we live in this world. 

In today’s modern world, where most of us live a fast-paced life, we can easily forget to take care of ourselves and our surroundings. People living in modern societies are more stressed than ever, and at the same time, we have never been more disconnected from nature as we are now.

We believe that by creating a deeper connection to the natural world and slowing down, we will regain presence and unity with our surroundings.

Our mission is to create space, mentally and physically, where we get to slow down, breathe, and awaken. We host workshops and events that are about reflecting and cultivation the meaning and happiness in our lives.


Meet the team

  • Amalie H. Barfod

    Founder & Creative leader

    Is the founder & Director of Rewild Studio. She is an artist, designer, & entrepreneur. She works within the field of art, design and creating spaces for dialogue, where people and nature can connect. She founded Rewild Studio in 2017 and is constantly developing new ways to create empathy for nature together with other like-minded people.

  • Simon Mulk

    Creative leader

    Provides strategic support in Rewild Studio and is helping with the development in Rewild Studio. He is also the life companion of Amalie H. Barfod and is the owner of Gallak Crafts. They both share the same values which are creating a universe where more empathy for nature can thrive.

  • Nynne Juul

    Creative leader

    Nynne Juul is facilitating processes within Rewild Studio that invite for dialogue between nature and humans. She is creating interactive and inspiring learning spaces for everyone involved in the processes.  Her heart beats for taking care of nature and our next generations.

  • Sophie Barfod

    Body Therapist

    Sophie is a body therapist/psychomotor working to release tensions that are stored in our bodies. She helps us come home to our bodies through relaxing massage and slow stretches. She is a caretaker and you will be cared for, from the very beginning to the end.

  • Ida Marie Andersen

    Storyteller (Rewild Magazine)

    Ida is a writer for the Rewild Magazine. She is driven by the work with nature, aesthetics and the immersion in crafts and writing.

  • Elena Lundquist Ortíz

    Creative leader

    Elena is leading forest bathing trips in Rewild Studio. She works in the intersection of nature, arts, and healing. She is invested in forming mutual relations of care between humans and the earth. She works intuitively with eco-therapeutic practices in order to cultivate our sense of belonging in the world.

Let us know if you are interested in collaborations or would like to volunteer on projects within Rewild Studio.

Below you can see some of our former partners:


Copenhagen municipality, Dome of Visions, PLUKK, Nordhavn Nærgenbrugsstation
Frederiksberg Library, Østerbro Library, Jagtvej Library, Gladsaxe Library

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