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These stories are written at our home by the polar circle in the wilderness, recorded in a studio in Copenhagen.

The stories are for anyone who wishes to explore the tales of the wild using their imagination and curiosity. The stories are for all ages to enjoy.
These stories, read aloud, are part of my book series, “Glimpses of what I have learned so far.”


The stories you will hear:

1. The tasting

2. Walking into the darkness
3. The magic river
4. The story of Life - Death – Life

15 min in total, English language


Why I write stories
I have been writing stories since I was a
child. Stories that came to me almost faster
than I could write them down. Stories that
partly came from my own experiences,
partly from my fantasy. It was a way for me
to reflect on my experiences and fantasies.
Recently I have started writing stories againstories
that come from my experiences
which I recreate into new stories. They are
for you, your children, your partner and
whoever enjoys reading a tale of the
wonders of our natural world.
I hope you will enjoy listening to them.


About the author:
Amalie Harris Barfod is the Founder of
Rewild Studio. She is an Intuitive leader and
She has lived 31 circles around the Sun.
She is an artist, nature enthusiast, change
agent, philosopher & writer.
She works within the field of change
processes, artistic expressions, ritual making,
design, and entrepreneurship. She creates
spaces for dialogue, where people and
nature can connect. She founded Rewild
Studio in 2017 and is continuously
developing new ways to create empathy for
ourselves, each other and the wider natural
She is an educated Kaospilot and thrives on
guiding people and institutions to accelerate
the change they wish to see. She has worked
with individuals and companies from all over
the world. Now she is offering online
sessions, to deepen our strength to lead a
meaningful life. She is continuing her writing
on her book series “What I have learned so
She lives both by the polar circle
with her partner and in Copenhagen,
merging both living in the ancient forests,
the last wilderness in Europe and modern
society surrounded by friends and family.
She is a deep believer in self-leadership, and
that we are all capable of designing and
living a meaningful life.

Stories from the wild - By Amalie Harris Barfod

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