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Leading our lives from a place where we embrace our vulnerability and shape a space full of trust.

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

Photo: Rewild Studio

First we dive into ourselves and give ourselves time to take care of our own heart. We find our Courage to embrace our insights and live through them. We embrace our Compassion and our Connection to our inner power, and then we share it with the world.

Wisdom can be found in all of us. The way to get access to it is to connect with ourselves first and exploring our inner wisdom.

Giving ourselves time to breathe and just be. When we stop trying to find answers and solutions- they will automatically come to us with time. Imagine a tree growing slow and steady. There is absolutely no need to rush any decision that you find hard or challenging. I have found that letting go of trying to find the solution and just let it emerge slowly is a useful way to give a challenging task space to breathe. Send out what you wish for in your life and you’ll see that it will slowly manifest in different forms in your life. Tell people your dreams and hopes, let people in.

We live in a society where efficiency is still a core value. This will change with time I believe, and is already changing. We can already now start to reshape what values we believe in and feel makes us happier and at the same time is acknowledging that everything is of value. What is a value that you have or would like to live from? How do you act from your values in your life? We can explore these questions to get to the core in our world views and our inner wisdom.

By Amalie Harris Barfod, Founder Rewild Studio

Photo: Rewild Studio

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