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How do we lead our lives from a place that are loving, caring and empathic towards our surroundings?

First of all we need to dive into ourselves, into our core and explore what is in here. In order to do this we need a place where we can breathe, relax, and be in silence.

Photo: Rewild Studio

Silence is the key source to finding our inner deeper wisdom. Being in silence once in a while, without having a specific goal or agenda, other than just being, is a way for us to develop more empathy and find our wisdom. I suggest you try it and then I would love to hear from you how it went. For example, go to a forest and go off the path. Walk into the forest and find a place where you won’t be disturbed. Find a tree that you can sit up against and feel the power of that tree. Now just be here, in the stillness. You will have thoughts coming and that is okay. When they come, acknowledge them, take some deep breathes and let them pass by. Try to just breathe slowly and every time a thought comes, acknowledge it and send it away. Use your breath as your guide. Concentrate on your in and out breath.

Enjoy the silence.

Words by Amalie Harris Barfod, founder of Rewild Studio

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