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Participants: 10-25   Time: 3 hours   Price: By request instead

Forest Bathing

Take a deep breath, and let go. Come with us into the forest where it all began. Permit yourself to take time where you reconnect with yourself and the wonders of nature that has the power to heal and nurture you.


In today’s modern world, where most of us live a high pace life, physically and mentally, it can be a challenge to feel sustainable calm and happy. When we allow ourselves to slow down and being in close contact with nature, we can become more connected to ourselves and our surroundings again.

We are more stressed than ever, and at the same time, we have never been so disconnected from nature as we are now.

 Doctors all over the world have now scientifically proven that spending time in nature has health and mental benefits for us humans.


In this workshop, you will slow down and open up for all your senses, smell, listen, and touch. You will be walking and sitting without speaking, only breathing, opening your mind to nature.

Language: English or Danish

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