reWILD Studio creates dialogue between humans & nature through art installations, and creative processes. This is our current team making sure that that happens.


Amalie H. Barfod

Founder & CEO The Danish Artist, Designer and Green Entrepreneur Amalie Harris Barfod works within the field of Art, Design and creating spaces for dialogue where people and nature can connect. She founded reWILD Studio in 2017 and is constantly developing and finding ways to create empathy for nature.


Simon Mulk

Collaborator and creative sparring partner Simon Mulk is the life companion of Amalie H. Barfod and is the owner of Gallak Crafts. They both share the same values which is creating a universe where more empathy for nature can thrive. He works on different projects within reWILD Studio and is supporting the development within reWILD Studio

Skærmbillede 2019-03-13 kl. 18.08.20.png

Nynne Juul

Process leader Nynne is facilitating processes within reWILD Studio that invites for dialogue between nature and humans. She is creating an interactive and inspiring learning space for everyone involved in the processes. Nynne is the co-founder of Komposten, an educated Kaospilot, and her heart beats for taking care of nature and our next generations.