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We live in a time where questioning how we value things and where we create from are essential to shaping a world where all life can thrive.
This book is a glimpse of what I have learned so far within the field of business.
It is a glimpse of what I have learned, having created a business from the ground up, by working directly from my deepest values.
I will share my learnings so far and ask you questions and guide you through exercises that will help you initiate your meaningful business.
This book is part of my book series; “Glimpses of what I have learned so far.”



“Everyone should start with where Rewild Studio starts. With Three Lines of Work. Rewild studio, is to create a deeper connection to ourselves, each other and the wider natural world.“
- Carol Sanford, author of The Regenerative Life.

"To initiate a meaningful business means deep questioning oneself and one's actions."
This book inspires and guides you in taking the actions needed to implement and initiate a meaningful business that focuses on personal growth within a business and how that personal growth exceeds our surroundings.
Building a business is a way to let our deep creativity flow, and how we choose to build it up will matter many years to come for our well-being, the wider natural world, and future generations.
If you are interested in taking the lead in your own life and initiating a business that values all life, this is a book for you. "

- Christer Windeløv-Lidzélius, Principal at the Kaospilot School


About the author
Amalie Harris Barfod is the Founder of Rewild Studio. She is an Intuitive leader and multi passionate entrepreneur.

She has lived 28 circles around the Sun.
 She is an artist, nature enthusiast, change agent, philosopher & writer.
 She works within the field of change processes, artistic expressions, ritual making design, and entrepreneurship. She creates spaces for dialogue, where people and nature can connect. She founded Rewild Studio in 2017 and is continuously developing new ways to create empathy for ourselves, each other and the wider natural world.
 She is an educated Kaospilot and thrives on guiding people and institutions to accelerate the change they wish to see. She has worked with individuals and companies from all over the world. Now she is offering online sessions, to deepen our strength to lead a meaningful life. She is continuing her writing on her book series “Glimpses of what I have learned so far”.
 She is living both by the polar circle with her partner and in Copenhagen, merging both living in the ancient forests, the last wilderness in Europe and modern society surrounded by friends and family. She is a deep believer in self-leadership, and that we are all capable of designing and living a meaningful life.

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Book on "How to initiate a meaningful business"

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