“Of course nature speaks. Aren’t you listening?”

This was the reply from Sol, soon to be 3 years old when her father asked her what she believed nature would say if it could speak.


Eno Stabell is 28 years old and "a Student of Life" as he poetically puts it. He is living in Århus with his partner, Lykkeluna and their daughter Sol. 

I asked him about his thoughts on nature and how he thinks his daughter is connected with it.

Why is it important to you to connect your child with nature?

“Nature is everywhere. It's within and without, small and big, gross and subtle. It is the rhythm and constant change of life its self. My daughter is part of this nature as much as my self, only she lives it so much more natural than me. My daughter connects me to nature. I thank her for that!”

How do you connect your child with nature in the city?

“Sol sees the beauty and thereby nature in everything. I try to support that connection by staying open and curious about the surroundings and look for beauty in everything. Humans, cars, spiders, and grass. It's all nature if we choose to see it in that way.”

What does your child like the most by being out in nature?

“I wish Sol could say this her self because it's hard to read her mind. But my assumption is that she feels like home. The presence, diversity, and wonder which nature provides, leave space for her to get to know her self and thereby feel that she belongs in the world.“


 What is the biggest experience your child has had in nature?

“Being born, I guess.”

Where is your child’s favorite place in nature?

"In her mother's arms."

 What advise would you give parents that live in a city and wants to connect their children more with nature?

“Don't separate your self from nature. You are nature and nature, are you. We are connected also living in the city. Let nature show it's self instead of searching for an illusion of what nature is. Just let your children show you what nature is. It's that easy.”

What would you like your child to learn about nature?

“We are all One. In the deep waste web of life, we are all and everything connected.”

What would you like me to ask you, that I haven’t asked you yet?

“What is nature? Thats a good question. Well worth exploring with my child.”