How can we lead our lives from a place where we embrace our vulnerability and shape a space full of trust and compassion towards ourselves and each other?


First we dive into ourselves and give ourselves time to take care of our own heart.
We find our Courage to embrace our insights and live through them.
We embrace our Compassion and our Connection to our inner power, and then we share it with the world.

Wisdom can be found in all of us. The way to get access to it is to connect with ourselves first and exploring our inner wisdom.

Giving ourselves time to breathe and just be. When we stop trying to find answers and solutions- they will automatically come to us with time. Imagine a tree growing slow and steady. There is absolutely no need to rush any decision that you find hard or challenging. I have found that letting go of trying to find the solution and just let it emerge slowly is a useful way to give a challenging task space to breathe.
Send out what you wish for in your life and you’ll see that it will slowly manifest in different forms in your life. Tell people your dreams and hopes, let people in.

We live in a society where efficiency is still a core value. This will change with time I believe, and is already changing. We can already now start to reshape what values we believe in and feel makes us happier and at the same time is acknowledging that everything is of value.
What is a value that you have or would like to live from? How do you act from your values in your life?
We can explore these questions to get to the core in our world views and our inner wisdom.

By Amalie Harris Barfod, Founder reWILD Studio

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Working to evolve a more empathic and compassionate mindset towards being more connected to each other and the natural world as a whole, is a very meaningful path to walk

Photo: reWILD Studio

Photo: reWILD Studio

One year ago I went into the exam in Århus at the Kaospilot School, sharing my vision and goals for what I wanted to give to the world, through me and through the platform I had created, I went out of the room with full support, flower confetti and excitement from the people who were their to explore what I had learned and developed.
I am grateful for everyone who supported me on my journey and still support me today.

I feel that the world is moving in a light and positive way and I am convinced that it will continue as long as we all stand together and help each other being the best we can be for ourselves and for our surroundings.

When we help and support each other being the best we can be, everything will automatically develop into something more loving and caring for the greater whole.
Working to evolve a more empathic and compassionate mindset towards feeling more connected to each other and the natural world as a whole, is a very meaningful path to walk.

One important thing I have found, is that the way to explore deep wisdom and purpose is taking our time to be quite. Slow down and listen to whats within us.

Photo: reWILD Studio

Photo: reWILD Studio

There are so many more beautiful and wonderful initiatives out there now than just one year ago and talking to the people in my life, I have no doubt that more people will want to bring more empathy, understanding and love for ourselves and the wider nature into this world. I am here to support you and embrace your support.
Now I am bubbling on new ideas and initiatives that involves even deeper work with ourselves and our surroundings. For this process to emerge I need silence and reflection time. One important thing I have found, is that the way to explore deep wisdom and purpose is taking our time to be quite, slow down and listen to what is within us.

Photo: Hrefna Björg Gylfadóttir

Photo: Hrefna Björg Gylfadóttir

By Amalie Harris Barfod, Founder reWILD Studio

How do we lead our lives from a place that are loving, caring and empathic towards our surroundings?

First of all we need to dive into ourselves, into our core and explore what is in here.
In order to do this we need a place where we can breathe, relax, and be in silence.

rewild studio

Silence is the key source to finding our inner deeper wisdom. Being in silence once in a while, without having a specific goal or agenda, other than just being, is a way for us to develop more empathy and find our wisdom. I suggest you try it and then I would love to hear from you how it went.
For example, go to a forest and go off the path. Walk into the forest and find a place where you won’t be disturbed. Find a tree that you can sit up against and feel the power of that tree.
Now just be here, in the stillness. You will have thoughts coming and that is okay. When they come, acknowledge them, take some deep breathes and let them pass by. Try to just breathe slowly and every time a thought comes, acknowledge it and send it away. Use your breath as your guide. Concentrate on your in and out breath.

Enjoy the silence.

What does it mean to reWILD ourselves?

Many have written and asked me what reWILD(ing) means for humans. So, here is my answer: The word reWILDing holds many meanings. First of all, it is a lifelong learning process and a way of living.

It takes time to rediscover oneself and really listen to the wisdom we have within. It requires a willingness to slow down, dive into oneself and open one's heart to all the knowledge that is already here.


Rewilding ourselves means to dive in and rediscover the inner power of our nature. It means diving into our core, rediscovering our intuition and senses. Being in contact with our breathe, our eye visions, our bodies, and our minds. It means focusing on one thing at a time, being mindful and give our full attention to one thing at a time.

Rewilding ourselves means to re-discover our potential as human beings, our potential to be loving, caring, creative, inventive and free. Free to just be, and enjoy this very moment. Rewilding ourselves means rediscovering the ancient wisdom from nature and learning how to bring it to life again in a way that fulfills our souls and our surroundings.

We all have the ability to be more aware and conscious human beings. The only thing it takes is dedication and a willingness to take the time to practice in our everyday actions.


Rewilding means asking ourselves what we want to matter in our lives. What is truly important to us and how can we give that our utmost attention, care, appreciation, and love. This is the journey that I am on and have been my whole life. Having the knowledge that I can truly decide how my life should be and what should be in it, is a very freeing and grounding experience. Slowing down, appreciating myself and my surroundings, acknowledging that nature holds a lot of wisdom and advocating for that, gives me meaning and passion in my life. At the same time having loving relationships is the most important ingredient in my life. Having people around me that loves me and that I love is the core of having a fulfilling life.

By Amalie Harris Barfod, Founder reWILD Studio

Spending time outside in fresh air, having space around us to use our bodies, is so good for our spirit and mental state.


This is what you get when spending time outside in the snow and sun, red cheeks and a clear mind.
Seeing and hearing birds over our heads, feeling the wind in our face, sensing the ground under our feet. Taking some deep breaths and opening our heart for taking in the magnificence of nature.


Nature provides us with everything we could ask for and it asks for nothing back, it is up to us, how we choose to use our generosity and empathy towards the natural world. After all, we humans are nature as well - we just tend to forget it.


Spending time learning and being with nature will help us build up our understanding and empathy towards it. If you want to learn more or get involved with what we are doing in reWILD Studio take a look at our website and explore more!
Have a wonderful day and remember to take some deep breathes during your day and recognize that you are part of a bigger whole.

By Amalie Harris Barfod, Founder reWILD Studio