Nature is a cycle. And we, humans, are apart of that cycle.

Nature grows and dies, just like us. Therefore we are not separated from this cycle, this organism. Everything that lives is nature, meaning everything that lives on the cell level and down to the smallest nano particles is in my world defined as “nature”. Rocks are therefore also nature. To me, we humans have disconnected us more and more from nature, not necessarily because we wanted to, but because of the social construct.

In 2050, 70% of the world's population will be living in big cities. One more reason to talk about how we can stay connected to nature. And why should we, you might ask. In my belief and many others, nature has a greater significance for our well being than we might think and give it acknowledgment for. There are several studies that show that interacting with nature is crucial/plays a big part in if we feel happy and relaxed. I personally feel it, when I am walking in a forest, by or in the oceans, walk in the mountains or at home taking care of my plants. To me, nature is a holistic system which connects everything.

-Amalie Harris Barfod, Founder reWILD studio


Keeping alive

Floating islands


Moss dome

Sensing, smelling the sensation of moss



Mirroring our surroundings



The simple beauty of nature